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Insulin is the most powerful anabolic agent in the world. It is used by bodybuilders to gain muscle mass, but it is very dangerous, death being a very real possibility.

Insulin is the most powerful anabolic agent in the world. Used properly can bring extraordinary muscle mass gains as no other available substance can. Used improperly or abused can kill

Before we continue the last part must be underlined. It is not just a empty warning. Insulin can kill very easily. If you take too much you fall into a coma and die. It is a substance that should be used very carefully. Users must be well informed about insulin. If you're not ready to do the research and get informed you're not ready to use insulin. In fact, no amateur should use insuline for muscle gains!

That being said we can continue. Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas which acts on the liver to stimulate the production of glucose and glycogen and to stop the conversion of non-carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin also helps bringing glucose to cells that have insulin receptors, inculding muscle tissue. We can clearly say that insulin is anabolic making ingested protein more efficient by promoting the transport of amino acids to the muscle cells. It also has anabolic effects on bones, increasing their density. Another anabolic mechanism of insulin is the increase of IGF, a powerful anabolic hormone. 

Another unexpected aspect of insulin is its ability to increase levels of luteinizing hormone and FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone  - increases the production of androgens in Sertoli cells in the testicules), both hormones stimulating testosterone secretion. Insulin helps the anabolic steroids bind to the androgen receptors, suggesting a synergistic effect of insulin when combined with anabolic steroids. Insulin, IGF and growth hormone are closely connected, the actions of each of this hormones being related one to another. Using this three hormones along side steroids and a fat burner is definitely the most powerful method of gaining muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. It is usualy a method used by pro bodybuilders.

But as always, there are bad news. Insulin can easily lead to the accumulation of fat. Most bodybuilders who use insulin also use a fat burner (like Cytomel ) plus steroids and IGF , as was said above. All of these lead to lower chances of accumulating fat. 

Endogenous insulin (which is released naturally in the body) operates on the principle of feedback. If glucose levels increase when we eat something sweet, an increase in insulin secretion takes place. When glucose is low, insulin levels are also low. Simply adding liquid glucose to a shake of amino acids increases their absorption by 50%. If this can be achieved through natural response to glucose, imagine what the rate of absorption will be with exogenous insulin. 

Exogenous insulin (the one that is found in vials) is used by diabetics, so the misuse of it can turn someone into a diabetic.

There are specialized studies and articles showing that insulin has been successfully used to prevent catabolism. There was an 32% improvement in treating children suffering from extreme catabolism. Also the use of insulin prevented the loss of proteisn in the case of severe burn victims. It is important to note that for this effect to be take place quite a few amino acids must be present in the body. You need to have enough protein to build muscles, regardless of how much insulin is used. 

Insulin can efficiently utilize much more protein than the body can in normal situations so who uses insulin, should eat at least 2.2 g of protein per kg or even 3-4g / kg. 
It should be kept in mind that insulin may promote fat gaining. Therefore it is better to use it during steroid cycles, the androgens favoring the use of proteins and nutrients to building muscles. 

There are several insulin drugs on the market:

  • Humalog - the most effective Insulin available on the market
  • Humulin-R - has a short half-life
  • Humulin N - has a medium half-life
  • Humulin-L - (zinc suspension) - medium half-life
  • Humulin-U (zinc prolonged suspension) - long half-life

Thre are also different mixtures between insulin with diffrent half-lifes. 

Humalog is the best choice, but unfortunately it is very difficult to obtain. It is only sold with a prescription and buying it on the black market is a bad idea because there is no way to know how it was stored. 
Next choice is Humilin-R. It is easier to use compared to similar products and is easy to monitor. 

One way to use insuline is in little doses at every meal. 1-2 I.U., 5-6 times a day (insulin is not measured in mg as steroids but in international units). This way you will benefit from the effects of insulin at every meal and you avoid the risk of taking an overdose and go into a coma. There are rumors that some bodybuilders have used as many as 20-40 IU per day, but is not recommended unless you are very experienced and have a very well-planned diet. It is a good idea to include in your diet essential fats (omega-3), a decent amount of mixed carbohydrates (with different glycemic indexes), and at least 40 grams of protein at each meal. Also you can add 1 I.U. per dayof insulin until you reach a comfortable dose for you. 

Another way to use insulin is to take 1 I.U.  immediately after training and gradually increase the dose to 1 I.U. / 10 kg of body weight. After training drink a shake containing 100-200 g mixed carbohydrates  and 40-50 g protein. Do not forget to add a few essential fatty acids. 

A third way is to combine the first two methods. Take with each meal 1-2 I.U. of insulin and 1 I.U. / 10 kg body weight after training. It is a efficient method but is also the most dangerous. Blood sugar levels should be monitored constantly and you should always have something sweet at hand in case glucose blood levels get too low. It is also not advisable to take insulin before bed because you will not know if glucose blood levels decrease and there is the danger of falling into a coma during sleep. 

With any mehtond of administration there is always a certain risk. Insulin must be kept in the refrigerator because at room temperature it degrades very quickly.  
Insulin is injected with special serynges, who have special needels. It can't be administered with the same syringes bodubuilders use to administer anabolic steroids. 


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