DNP - 2,4-dinitrophenol

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DNP is the most dangerous drug used by bodybuilders to lose weight.

Active substance: 2,4-dinitrophenol
Tradenames: DNP


DNP it is one of the most controversial substances in the bodybuilding world. Is not marketed for human use anywhere in the world, instead it is widespread as an industrial chemical. Among other things is used as an intermediate for certain coloring substances, in the development of photos, as a fungicide to prevent rotting wood and as an insecticide.

Although not compatible with the above list, it was sold in the past as a drug for weight loss in humans. In fact, it was the first synthetic drug used in weight loss. It was sold under the name Dinitriso, Nitromet, Dinitrenal and was available in all pharmacies.

The fat burning propreties of dinitrophenol were observed in WWI when overweight people working with this substance in weapons warehouses  began to lose weight. It was not long until it was packed ansd sold as a  "medical patented" weight loss drug. It was promoted as a safe and easy way to be slim, but after a short while complaints about the side effects began to come. One such incident concerned a group of women who were temporarily blinded because of DNP. Many users developted cataract. This happend even with small amounts of 100mg / day, when it was administered for long periods of time. In 1938 it was withdrawn from the market.

It was introduced in the world of bodybuilding by Dan Duchaine, the steroid guru, in the late 90's. Before presenting its fat burning properties, I will start with what is most important: the side effects.

DNP is dangerous! If you screw up, you go blind or you end up at the hospital on a bed of ice, while doctors try to decrease your body temperature while you sweat yellow (for real!). The upside is that few people have died from DNP, but it remains a very real possibility. 

DNP works by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation, which increases body temperature and metabolic rate. Synthesis of fatty acids from fat stores is done through mitochondria and cytoplasmic enzymes. The mitochondria produce energy from food molecules, giving it a usable form for the body as ATP. ATP is the primary carrier of energy in muscle cells. And many cells die rapidly if it is missing. ATP, in turn, energizes muscles. DNP depletes your muscles ATP forcing the mitochondria to produce more energy from food to replace the lost ATP.

Because of this the body consumes more energy to do virtually anything, from walking to pushing a barbell loaded with 100 kilograms. Paradoxically, dinitrophenol inhibits muscle contraction even if it increases the conversion of ATP.

Thus, the body is forced to create more energy to meet the demands created by DNP. Therefore you use more of the food you eat to produce energy and less to create fatty deposits. In fact, DNP uses fat reserves to compensate the energy requirements. DNP can increase basal metabolic rate by 40-80%.

The rate of fat loss is huge and can not be compared with anything. It can burn up to 0.5 kg of fat per day. But all this comes with a price. You get tired more quickly, because the body is struggling to cope with the energy requirements. Endurance will suffer even more. And training with weights will suck. You will not be able to use the same weights, you will not be able to make the same number of reps and you will not be able to have the same intensity. Also, you will not feel the pump because DNP depletes glycogen stores.

DNP will increase and ventilation rate so breathing becomes heavier, and it will also thicken the blood. Thus, muscle oxygenation will be much slower. If you're an athlete or practice some endurance sport performance will go way down if you use DNP. A bodybuilder will not worry about it, his main concern is not athletic performance but to look as shredded as possible.

DNP will lower levels of thyroid hormones, particularly T3; this leads to lethargy and weakness. In other words, you'll feel like shit while using DNP. Not everyone feelthe same, but by far the most commonly encountered side effect is lethargy. The second most frequent side effect is bad breath and yellow sweat (especially if you do not drink enough water).

The side effects that raise the most concerns are related to visual problems. To prevent to some extent such problems doses should be kept low an cycles don't have to be extended for more then 20 days; using calcium pyruvate while taking DNP can also help.

Other rules to be followed during DNP cycles:

  • Sufficient amounts of carbohydrates; especially after workouts consume 1-2 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight (or 0,5 - 1 g / pound); DNP will increase glucose metabolism so eat as many carbs as you feel like; don't worry, you will burn fat anyway - but the sweating is worse after eating carbs because the body will burn them instantly for energy.
  • We've already mentioned the use of calcium pyruvate, but it is very important, so I you say it again.
  • Use a multivitamin supplement.
  • Maybe the addition of T3, at 50 mcg per day.
  • Drink large quantities of water every day, DNP can easily lead to dehydration; drink at least 4-5 liters of water a day.
  • Use of energy supplements like-pre-workouts in the  morning and before training, or you may feel completely exhausted all day.

DNP does not affect the liver or kidneys and does not have a huge negative impact on the cardiovascular system. An increase in heart rate will take place because of the increased lungs ventilation. But the heart rate raise is small, much less pronunced then when using Clenbuterol or ephedrine. 

If any of the side effects is very intense DNP must be discontinued immediately.

DNP can be found in two forms: crystalline (100% dry) and powder. The most effective is the crystallized form but the side effects are more severe and should be used with care.

The typical dose used by bodybuilders is 2 mg per kilogram body weight. Doses are usually between 200 and 600 mg. But it is not recommended to use more then 200-300 mg/day, those who go above 300 mg/day are exposed to great risks. Cycles should last between 14 and 20 days. 

DNP cand be found only on the black market and is produced illegally. Dinitrophenol is usually encapsulated in 200 mg pills. As I said, the speed with which fat lose happens can be frightening. There are no other drugs for fat loss that can bring such results.

Dinitrophenol is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. I wrote about DNP here not to encourage its use, on the contrary,I wrote this so those who do not know what it is but have heard about it will be informed and can act accordingly: stay as far from it as possible !!! There are much safer ways to lose weight!

Warning! This drugs can be efficient but dangerous. To avoid side effects and health complication you can use natural potent alternatives, like Burn Booster (thyroid stimulating supplement) or TriApidix 300 (natural metabolic stimulator).


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