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Active substance: dihydroboldenone
Tradenames: 1-testosterone


1-testosterone is a form of dihydroboldenone. The structure is almost identical to Primobolan, except that 1-testosterone is missing a 1-methyl group which was used to grow biological value.  The lack of this group makes 1-testosterone a much stronger steroid than Primobolan. On the other hand the lack of 1-methyl group makes it difficult to be administered orally. The 1-testosterone group wich is found in Primobolan makes it have a slow hepatic metabolism. Therefore 1-testsoteron needs higher oral doses to achieve the desired anabolic effect. 

The activity of this steroid is that of a strong anabolic agent, with moderate androgenic properties. 1-testosterone is one of the most potent naturally occurring steroids to be isolated,and is valued by bodybuilders for its ability to promote significant muscle tissue gains without water bloat or strong side effects.

1-testosterone does not aromatize, which greatly reduce the chances of gynecomastia or water retention. Those who use this steroid have reported gains in lean muscle mass and reduced fat layer, yielding very good muscle definition. The only problem here is that estrogen not only helps the anabolic processes but it is also involved in the normal functioning of the nervous system. The main side effects of this steroid are fatigue and lethargy. You can opt to stack it with a steroid that does aromatize, so that the estrogen levels are normal. 

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As I said earlier, 1-testosterone is not very active when administerd oraly. It is destroid in the liver before it reaches the muscles. There are products with 1-testosterone dissolved in an oily solution, which makes the steroid enter the body through the lymphatic system, thus avoiding the liver. There are also gels with 1-testosterone. Injectable forms such as 1-testosterone cypionate, which seem to be very effective are the preferred method to administer this steroid. 

There have been reports of lean muscle gains between 4 and 6 kg (9 - 13 pounds) in just 6-8 weeks. Doses are 100-250 mg per day for the oily solution, 100 mg / day when applied transdermaly and 100-200 mg / week for the injectable form. Remember that 1-testosterone is more powerful than testosterone and an injection of 200 mg can cause an effect as powerful as that obtained with the administration of 400-600 mg of a testosterone ester. 1-testosterone is a bit too strong to be recommended for women because of high risks of virilisation.

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