Nebido - testosterone undecanoate

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Active substance: testosterone undecanoate
Tradenames: Nebido


Nebido is an anabolic steroid based on testosterone first selled on the European market at the end of 2004. It uses a long acting testosterone ester, undecanoate, at a concentration of 250 mg / ml.

It was conceived as a alternative to testosterone cypionate or enanthate. This product is very appealing to patients who undergo TRP, administration being very rare. For example, at the start of the theraphy is a loading period, when an injection of 1,000 mg (4 ml) is made every 6-8 weeks. Then testosterone blood levels can be maintained with one injection every 12 weeks, which would mean only four injections per year. That is a big step forward from enanthate and cypionate, in whom it would have taken at least 22 injections per year.

But for bodybuilders the same advantage is in fact a disadvantage. A bodybuilder would have to inject 4 ml of Nebido once every 2-4 weeks for an average of 250-500 mg weekly dose. At these doses gains and side effects are the same as with other testosterone esters ( enanthate, cypionate, etc). The long acting ester would make gains appear very slow.

In the bodybuilding world is use exclusively for bridges between other steroid cycles, and usualy only by pro bodybuilders who take steroids all year round. 

Side effects are the same as any testosterone base steroid: gynecomastia, water retention, acne, oily skin, increased aggression, enlarged prostate, baldness (in those genetically predisposed) and high cholesterol. Some of these unwanted effects occur later due to the long undecanoate ester.

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