Trenbolone Acetate

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Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate
Tradenames: Acetenbo 50, Finajetul, Finaject, Finaplix, Trenabol, Trenbol 75, trenbolone 75, trenbolone QV 75, Ultra Train


Trenbolone is a potent androgen, the most powerful injectable anabolic steroid used by on a large scale. It's a steroid that doesen't have estrogenic activity. he first product containing this steroid was Finajetc, a veterinary product. It caught on quickly among bodybuilders, being mainly used for cutting. The strong androgenic effect and low estrogenic one help trenbolone to give a muscular hard look, increased msucle definition, muscle strenght and all of that without water retention.

A period disappeared from the market, gaining a legendary fame as a hard to find super-steroid. The underground labs caught on quickly and several products containing trenbolone acetate made their way on the black market. Now days is readily available.

Structurally is similar to nandrolone. But it works differently. Trenbolone is similar to the popular steroid Deca-durabolin, meaning that they are both 19-nor steroids, a molecule of testosterone modified at he carbon 19 position to create a new compound. Unlike nandrolone, trenbolone is an excellent muscle builder, giving a hard and cut look; most of the weight gained with this steroid is made up of quality  muscles with minimal or no water and fat retention.
It has a tremendous anabolic score of 500; compared with testosterone, which is also a very good anabolic, but has a score of 100, you can get an idea of how powerful this steroid is. Why it's so anabolic? It is a combination of factors; Trenbolone greatly increase the level of IGF-1 in muscles, a highly anabolic hormone. Besides sensitizing new muscle satellite cells (those that build and repair muscle tissue) it also makes the msucles more sensitive to IGF-1 actions.

Trenbolone has a high affinity for the androgen receptors (AR), binding to them more than testosterone. It's a good thing: the greater the AR affinity the more anabolic mechanisms are activated. Also, compounds that bind strongly to AR, help burning more fat. 

Another feature of trenbolone is that it can bind to receptors of glucocorticoid hormones, those responsible for catabolism (breakdown of muscle tissue). That makes glucocorticoid hormones inactive; as a result we can say that trenbolone has anti-catabolic properties.

In studies conducted on animals trenbolone increased feeding efficiency and mineral absorption. Feeding efficiency is a measurement that indicates how much of the animal's diet turn into lean muscle tissue, and the greater the need for food , the lower is this indicator. Conversely, the less food it takes to produce more lean muscle tissue, the greater the efficiency of feeding. Animals terated with trenbolone ad registers lean mass gains without any modifications to their diet, whcich means the feeding efficiency went up. Animal research industry allocates huge amounts of money in order to find components that increase feeding efficiency. Many bodybuilding supplements came from this research (CLA, whey protein and HMB are some of the supplements that were originally used on cattle).

What does all this mean for an athlete? The food consumed will be better utilized for building lean muscle tissue; minerals and vitamins are absorbed better, and can keep you healthier during the cycle. 

As I said above is very androgenic (5 times more than testosterone). Such steroids are appreciated for the strength gains they bring, plus balancing the androgen / estrogen ratios, thus reducing water retention under the skin. Trenbolone is a highly effective fat burner, thanks to its nutrient partitioning properties but also its strong affinity for the androgen receptors. this receptors are found in both muscle and fat cells and their stimulation leads to fat being burn. Some steroids (like testosterone) increase the number of AR, so combining trenbolone with testosterone increases the fat burning effect. 

Trenbolone will quickly suppress estosterone production. This makes necessary the use of Nolvadex / Clomid and / or HCG after the cycle to avoid a hormonal crash.

Trenbolone doesn't convert into estrogen but has a high affinity for the progesterone receptors, because of its metabolites. The side effects caused by these metabolites are similar to those of estrogen: water retention, gynecomastia, fat retention. Adding antiestrogens, especially letrozole or fulvestrant, solves any unwanted side effects. To decrease the levels of progesterone you can use cabergoline. Progesterone can lead to sexual dysfunction, a problem often seen in steroid cycles with only trenbolone. To be sure such problems do not appear use in combination with testosterone. 

Androgenic side effects are possible especially at those sensible to androgens.  They include oily skin, acne, increased aggression and hair loss in genetically predisposed individuals. in high doses it is toxic for the liver. 

Trenbolone is very versatile and it seems to combine well with almost any type of steroid. For cutting it can be stacked with Primobolan or Winstrol, and for bulking with Dianabol or Equipoise. Don;t forget to add some testosterone, like cypionat, or propionat when muscular definition is desired. 

The acetate ester requires the steroid to be administerd every day or every two days. It works fast so is goof for those who want quick results. 
Doses are between 100-300 mg/week. Cycles typically last 6-8 weeks. Although it is an excellent steroid to use before competitions or when cutting, it can reduce the levels of T3, so it is adviced to take 25 mcg/day of T3 during the cycle.
Trenbolone is a bad choice for endurance athletes; it lowers muscle and total endurance. 

WARNING! No one can deny: steroids work, and work well. But in many countries they are illegal, and most of the steroids found on the blackmarket are fake and of very low quality. But there are some good news! For those who can not find original steroids, or do not want to be exposed to the risks associated with these substances, there are powerful natural alternatives, legal and without side effects, that will get you fast and lasting results: Probolan 50 and Metadrol for muscle mass, TriApidix300 and Burn Booster for cutting and weight loss.


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