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Active substance: testosterone undecanoate
Tradenames: Andriol, Virigen, Panteston, Restandol, Undestor Testocaps


Andriol is a testosterone-based oral steroid which was created in the early 80s. Each pill contains 40 mg testosterone undecanotat dissolved in oil. That means about 25 mg per capsule of pure testosterone. The design of this steroid is quite different from other oral steroids. Usually the substances administerd oraly reach the bloodstream trough the liver. Adding a methyl group to the steroid structure will protectec it when it passes the liver, but this will put some stress on the liver and can cause damage. Andriol can to bypass the liver, and is absorbed in the intestines. That is why Andriol is absorbed without being hepatotoxic. 

A lot of testosterone undecanoate in the body turns into dihydrotestosterone so just a small amount is left to be converted into estrogen. 

So Andriol seems the perfect steroid! But if something is too good to be true...probably is! Its first problem is biological value. Most of those who use it say that doses below 240 mg per day (6 capsules) are worthless and have no effect. When doses are increased to 8-10 capsules per day (320-400 mg) moderate gains in lean muscle mass can be seen in some individuals, but not as big as seen with the same dose of an injectable steroid. And, the rate of absorption varies profoundly between users, studies suggesting that only 20% of users absorb it well through the intestines. It can be taken long periods of time because of its low toxicity. But for the few users that can absorbit it well the side effects are the same as seen with injectable testosterone. 

But in general Andriol has no major side effects but no major gains either.

WARNING! No one can deny: steroids work, and work well. But in many countries they are illegal, and most of the steroids found on the blackmarket are fake and of very low quality. But there are some good news! For those who can not find original steroids, or do not want to be exposed to the risks associated with these substances, there are powerful natural alternatives, legal and without side effects, that will get you fast and lasting results: Probolan 50 and Metadrol for muscle mass, ThermaCuts and UltraSlim for cutting and weight loss.


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