Testosterone cypionate

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Testosterone cypionate is a anabolic steroid used especially int he U.S.A. . Testosterone enanthate is the European equivalent of cypionate. It is a powerful steroid,used a a base in many cycles.

Active substance: testosterone cypionate
Tradenames: Banrot, Cypionax, Ciclo-6, Testosterona Ultra, Miro Depo, Testo LA, Deposteron, Depo-testosterone, Testosterona C, Testosterone Cypionate 200 LA, Testex Prolongatum


Testosterone cypionate is a product which is found mostly on the US market.
 Therefore this testosterone ester is one of the most used by americans. And not just because of "national pride", but also because many say is superior to testosterone enanthate. At the same time it is said to cause a little more water retention, but not so bad as to be discarded because of this. But if we look at the issue objectively we can see that testosterone cypionate and the enanthate are interchangeable with each other. Both are injectable oily steroids with a prolonged action which will keep testosterone levels up for two weeks.

Testosterone enanthate seems to be a little better when it comes to the rate of testosterone release, being a carbon molecule lighter. But the difference is so small it can not really be taken into account.

As with all injectable testosterone steroids gains in muscle mass and strength during a cycle are considerable. But because testosterone is easily converted into estrogen high levels of water retention will occur. But it does not cause fat gain, as many belive it does, if diet is well structured. As with testosterone enanthate, cypionate is a  neutral steroid, fat gains of fat loss being depenendet on the diet. 

It can cause gynecomastia so you should keep at hand some Nolvadex and Proviron. A more powerful option is ArimidexOther possible side effects of testpsterone cypionate are:  oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face and hair loss (especially if you are genetically predisposed). All these androgenic side effects are caused by the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Proscar can be used to prevent conversion of testosterone into DHT, hus significantly reducing androgenic effects and especially hair loss. 

Although active in the body for a long time, testosterone cypionate is injected weekly when is used by bodybuildres or other athletes. The dose range between 200 and 800 mg/week. Above this doses the side effects are more pronunced but the benefits are not. The principle "the more the better" does not apply here, doing more harm than good.

Using testosterone cypionate will almost certainly result in stopping the bodys own testosterone production. At the end of the cycle youmust follow a good post cycle therapy
Testosterone cypionate is relatively easy to find on the black market.

For more details about testosterone steroids read the testosterone enanthate profile

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