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Active substance: methyltestosterone
Tradenames: Agovirin, Android, Androral, Arcosteron, Hormobin, Longivol, Mesteron, Metadren, Metesto, Methyltestosterone, Testormon, Testovis, Testres, Testoni, Virilon


It is the first synthetic form of testosterone ever made. Methyltestosterone and Anadrol, are the most toxic oral steroids, exeeded only by Metribolone

It is the first synthetic form of testosterone ever made. The effects that you can expect from methyltestosterone are comparable to those of shorter testosterone esters (or without esters) as propionate or suspension. You will become stronger, but you will not be impressed with the weight gain unless intolerably high doses are used. Therefore, it is widely used by athletes. It is used especially for increasing aggression, during training allowing more heavy lifts. Taken an hour before training or sports competitions, at a dose of 25 mg, increase strength and will make workouts more productive.

With the same purpose can be used during steroid cycles, also thaken before workouts, and to increase the efficiency of the other. During cutting periods, if taken before workouts, can preserve muscle mass and ame training easier in a caloric deficit. It is not effectiv for muscle gains, especially when you evaluate and risks. Its main characteristic remains the increased aggression, which can be channeled positively during competitions or training. 

It turns into estrogen almost completly and has a very quick action, the androgenic side manifesting after one hour. It is good to use Proscar along with methyltestosterone to reduce the androgenci side effects. It is also recommendedto use a anti-estrogen, such as Nolvadex or the more powerful Arimidex

Side effects: it is very toxic for the liver, acne will appear all over the body, gynecomastia, water retention, fat retention. It suppresses the natural  production of testosterone.

Daily dose is 40-50 mg, for no more than 6-week, if muscle growth is wanted. But I repeat: it is not recommended to be used for this purpose. 
It has a relatively low cost, and is easy to find, being produced by pharmaceutical companies and several underground laboratories. 

WARNING! No one can deny: steroids work, and work well. But in many countries they are illegal, and most of the steroids found on the blackmarket are fake and of very low quality. But there are some good news! For those who can not find original steroids, or do not want to be exposed to the risks associated with these substances, there are powerful natural alternatives, legal and without side effects, that will get you fast and lasting results: Probolan 50 and Metadrol for muscle mass, ThermaCuts and UltraSlim for cutting and weight loss.


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